Ode to Election Night

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May I say what an extraordinary night and day it was in British politics, that nobody saw coming. Votes for the Scottish Nationalists soaring, their lion roaring, destroying Labour on their side of the border, while in England creating severe disorder.

The polls getting it wrong all day. The Conservatives (all hale and hearty) in an act of cannibalism eating up the Lib Dem party. The first majority Conservative government for decades dominating each part of the UK (though only paper thin).

The Lib Dem leader packing it in after taking it on the chin. Along with the Labour leader resigning, saying ‘I’m sorry I didn’t succeed’ and ‘I’ve done my best for the last five years’ plead.

And the leader of UKIP, in a fit after failing to land a seat, also quit. Meantime the leader of the Conservative Party (all hale and hearty) returned from the palace revelling in a Parliamentary majority that will surely in the House of Commons give him more authority.

Ken Johnson

Mowbray Road,

South Shields

Thanks for your votes

I would like to thank the electorate of the Westoe Ward for their tremendous support on May 7.

 I aim to reward the voters’ faith in me over the next four years.

 Also of great support to me was my agent, Coun Sheila Stephenson and ward colleague, Coun Alan West.

 Although nationally the result was very disappointing, it is heartening to see that the hard work of the local Labour Party was recognised.

 If anyone wishes to discuss any Westoe Ward matters or issues, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Coun Katharine

Westoe ward,
South Shields.