Older people aren’t all bad drivers

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I felt compelled to rely to the letter by Mick ‘The Pen’ Brown - or should that be ‘poison pen’?

He says he isn’t ageist, but I would say that is exactly what he is.

His last letter was about older people not being able to use a computer.

This initiated no response, so now he has started on older drivers - he has obviously been watching the TV programme 100-Year-Old Drivers.

He seems to tar everyone with the same brush.

I have been driving since 1971 and the only time I have had a near-miss was with young drivers, through no fault of my own.

One time I was not even in my car and a young person drove into it.

So, Mr Brown, pull your neck in and just accept that you are ageist, just like Hitler was, and stop writing such drivel to the Gazette.

Mrs M Robinson,

via email.