On the march to London

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In October nineteen thirty six

Two hundred men stood as one,

They marched shoulder to shoulder

Brothers, fathers and sons.

Desperation drove them onwards

It wasn’t a walk in the park,

They started early morning

They walked until it was dark.

Blue and white banners

Where held above their heads,

With hands that where freezing

And feet that bled and bled.

Pure will power and determination

To show Jarrows plight,

Dishevelled men walking southwards

Trying to put something right.

Eleven thousand names

They carried in a wooden box,

A petition from the desperate

Who good fortune had mocked.

The people of England noticed

The government did not,

The gallery in parliament

Was as far as they got.

It was left to Ellen Wilkinson

To speak to the house,

No one really listened

Each one a timid mouse.

She asked Prime Minister Baldwin

If he would speak with them,

He said he was too busy

To speak to our men.

Not much has changed in all the years

Desperation is everywhere,

And we are still ignored

By a government that doesn’t care.

Kenny McIntyre