Ongoing fouling problem

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I SEE the dog fouling issue is back in the news.

I live in Centenary Avenue, and have lived here since 1936.

Over the years this has always been a problem.

Appealing to the people responsible by putting notices on lamp-posts is a waste of time.

I have seen people with two, three and four dogs on leads.

To clean up any mess made by these, they would need a an extra pair of arms. Such people do not care.

The way to stop this is to target one area at a time, enforce the law and fine the people.

At the moment there is no deterrent.

The people responsible are laughing at the law and will continue to do so as long as the law is not enforced.

I am a dog-lover and have kept dogs in the past.

It is high time this matter was sorted out once and for all.

Bill Reay,

Centenary Avenue,

South Shields.