Our leaders are lost

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I can not believe the article published regarding the installation of CCTV in slaughter houses, which our two MPs are backing.

I bet they are not vegetarian and don’t give a monkeys when they do their shopping and choose their Sunday joint.

Every day we are hammered regarding Human Rights and by Animal Aids, but the animal has no choice.

The so-called incidents of being kicked, slapped and stamped on and assaulted with a weapon are an every day happening in our towns after a night of alcohol consumption.

Jobs are being lost at an alarming rate, no wonder South Tyneside has a high unemployment rate.

Our MPs are lost.

I had a flyer from the Labour Councillors posted through my door stating it was vital to keep in touch with them.

In my opinion, it is vital for them to keep in touch with the electorate and not just have a one hour surgery at a designated place.

Let’s hope 300 or more turn up at their next surgery.

​Harold Ferguson