Our villages need looking after too

Whitburn Village.
Whitburn Village.

How wonderful it is to see the beautifully-landscaped seafront in South Shields, and be wowed by the proposed changes in the town centre.

The improvements will no doubt be appreciated by the many people who live in that area or are visiting it.

It is, however, a great shame that all the good work ends when you enter Whitburn.

The residents of this once-beautiful village appear to be neglected even though we all contribute to the council coffers via council taxes etc.

This once-elegant and well-manicured village is in an absolutely deplorable state.

Front Street, from the Jolly Sailor down Moor Lane past the war memorial and into Cleadon Village, is the worst I have ever seen it, with overgrown verges and neglected flower beds.

The pavements in just about every street are a disgrace, and in some places appear to be quite dangerous.

The clifftops, from the rifle range down to the car park at Latimers, only a few years ago resplendent with the wild flowers, are now so overgrown that anyone walking with toddlers or dogs will need to keep both on leashes or they will be hard pushed to find them in there.

I cannot recall the last time they were cut. Let’s not wait until the airshow to restore this lovely area.

Sunderland council has also done a fabulous job on the seafront at Seaburn, but when you reach Cornthwaite Park and the border of Whitburn it is a different matter.

Come on, councillors, you were voted in to look after everyone, not just those in South Shields. Let’s restore the village to a respectable area and one in which we can all be proud to live.

B Whincop,

Via email.