Part of it but not in it

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All this In/Out palaver almost has my blood boiling.

Firstly, I am a Second World War Ex-Naval Veteran with the Atlantic and Arctic Star (one of the few remaining). Needless, to say I am turned 90 years of age and surviving reasonably, but I now wonder what the war was all about.

I and million of others wasted, but in my case, enjoyed serving the country to rescue most of Europe from belonging to a united conglomeration, admittedly under the Nazi Regime, only to have them crouch back under German and French cover.

We seem to have forgotten that within a century we fought two wars with the former, were dropped in twice by the latter; not forgetting the hundred years war. Remember De Gaulle, he hated our guts, although we pampered him and his French Army. Now we seem to want to let them take us over completely and dictate how we shall live and work.

Frankly, given the ways of our politicians of all so-called main parties are performing it seems they would like to dodge all decisions and leave everything to Europe.

If they get their way.

I won’t see it but I can foresee utter chaos within two decades, if not minor wars.

My opinion, for what it is worth is “Out”, placing our trust with the Commonwealth and our worldwide trading partners, together with those within the European Union with whom we have dealt with for years with no need for all the bureaucratic claptrap.

If I remember correctly, I believe that it was Winston Churchill who said “Britain is part of Europe but not in it”, and that is how it should remain.

John F Clayburn,