Pensioners are not poor

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The over 65s are the most pampered section of our society. I should know – I’m one of them.

This Conservative Government throws money at pensioners in exchange for their votes, and state pensions increase annually as a result of their triple-lock policy.

The burden falls increasingly on the young. Every cut in benefits, every rise in costs hits them the hardest. Unable to buy their own homes, they live in a world of student loans, zero-hour contracts, the minimum wage, squalid rented accommodation.

What a nightmare.

Sometimes I wonder if the Government is trying to fuel a war between the generations.

In the Tory shires most over 65s voted Conservative last May. Are they too selfish to see the plight of the young?

Nick Clegg, while Deputy PM, tried to get means-testing for free television licences, bus passes and winter fuel allowances. But his Tory partners ensured their supporters continued to get their perks. What a country.

Tax credit cuts leave three million families worse off, yet the elderly still get their telly for free. Is it right that regardless of income, they get £200 off fuel bills when the idea of universal benefits has disappeared?

There is no such thing as a poor pensioner.

Charlies Napier,