People want Lords axed

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Further to Craig Robinson’s letter “Lords has a role to play” (August 17) It has since been revealed in a national newspaper that 95% of it’s readers believe the House of Lords should be axed.

One correspondent saying “The pig characters from George Orwell’s Animal Farm appear to be alive and well” while another called it a “medieval constitution” and a third thought it full of corrupt greedy peers from all political parties.

As for Baroness Boothroyd, former Labour speaker of the Commons, she may well take the No11 bus home but it was only last August the lady protested at the PM’s plan to appoint 20 more peers ‘As many of them were donors to the Tory Party.

Furthermore, if I’d asked the boss for a £300 tax free allowance to do diddly~squat, he’d have blown a fuse.

Ken Johnson