Planning madness

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May I once again tag on to a Mrs Davison letter Work now to save market (Nov 19).

It has to be remembered that over the years STC and their planners have given us The Denmark Shopping Centre and the retail units in Waterloo Vale not to mention Asda being allowed to relocate in Coronation Street though possibly but unintentionally taking footfall away from King Street the town’s main thoroughfare.

Now in an about turn the main part of the market has been moved from the south side of the old town hall to the north side complete with a useless eyesore of a canopy with the hope of funnelling folk back down the aforementioned now declining King Street, with the overspill stalls pitched irreverently outside the TSB off Keppel Street, half a mile away.

It’s believed the south side of our once beautiful market will be joined up with St Hilda’s Church to complete the mad. You couldn’t make it up.

Ken Johnson