Please help this family in need

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I ALWAYS thought that Britain was a ‘family-orientated’ country, but, according to the article headlined ‘Family’s battle to stay together’ (Gazette, Tuesday January 13), it isn’t!

How can some Home Office official, who obviously has no little girl to go home to, split up a loving family – a family who are being fully supported by the father – by deporting a little girl’s mother, when, probably the same official, or one of his colleagues, allows many other foreigners to remain in the country at the taxpayers’ expense, many of whom are militant and opposed to our way of life?

Surely, this is something both South Tyneside’s national and local politicians should be getting involved in, isn’t it?

So, come on you local Members of Parliament and councillors, show us where your heart is?

Save this family from all this, heartache, please!

If you want a hand I’ll help too, just contact me through the Gazette

Bob Davidson,

Falcon Way,

South Shields.