Poem wishing to be home

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When I luk oot the winda’ reet across the miles o’ fields

Me heart jist turns t’ wattor at the thowt o’ Canny Shields,

An though the bords sings champion still Aa wud rather bee

Where Aa kin hear the tramcars, an’ the mormor o’ the sea.

When Aa luk oot the winda’ an’ see them clarty fields,

Aa think aboot the streets w’ hev in canny aad Sooth Shields,

Korbs t’ play Chucks an’ Handies on, Pavement for baaly bays,

Lamp posts t’ climb, knockers t’ knock-dozens o’ different ways

T’ set the Pollis after ye, An’ hear -Aa luk at fields,

An’ wish that Aa was hyem agyen, in canny aad Sooth Shields.

When Aa luk oor the winda’ reet across them dreary fields,

Aa think aboot the champion things us diz in canny Shields,

Crossed pins laid on the tramlines; an’ ye give reet roozin cheers

When the’re run-ower, an’ flattened oot intiv a pair o’ shears,

Y’ can’t dee clivvor tricks like that in miles an’ miles o’ fields,

Aa wish that Aa wuz hyem agyen, in canny aad Sooth Shields.