Police apology over teen jihadi brides is absurd

Apology ...  Metropolitan Police Commissioner Bernard Hogan-Howe.
Apology ... Metropolitan Police Commissioner Bernard Hogan-Howe.

I COULD not believe my ears hearing on the radio that the chief of the Met apologised to the family of the three radicalised Muslim girls who have went to Syria to become Jihadi Brides!

I think it’s time for our top politicians and other high-ranking people in various home affair and public relation organisations to wake up and face the reality of our messed-up multicultural policies of the past 50 years.

I’m not such a fool as to think our police and other authorities are faultless, but hearing the solicitor for the families of these misguided girls blame the police and security services for the girls’ stupid actions, and then the police chief apologise for his department’s inefficiency was a bit too much to stomach!

Isn’t anybody in any level of authority brave enough to tell these girls’ parents and others like them, that it is is middle-ages culture and religious beliefs and teachings which are the major factor in radicalising their children in their teens?

What do they expect when children of three to five years old are sent to strict religious classes led by some teachers who fill the children’s innocent minds with all the horrible bronze-aged stories which they believe to be true?

These children grow up in a tolerant society where, for all the wrong reasons, their religious and cultural behaviour is welcomed, but they don’t seem to get the same tolerance and multiculturalism from their families at home.

Most of these kids grow up with confused understanding of the wider society.

The majority will lead a normal life, but there are a considerable number who will find it difficult to accept their birth country’s way of life.

I hope Parliament and the Government will lead the way by making drastic changes in the present multi-cultural and integration policies to encourage more integration and acceptance of the indigenous culture and the way of life by the migrants and other ethnic groups, and please no more apologies where they are not due.

Siamak Kaikavoosi,

Fowler Street,

South Shields.