Political correctness minefield of labels

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David Moyes was being vilified recently for making a jovial remark to a young reporter who by the sound of her laughter accepted Moyes banter for what it was, a playful attempt to bring informality to the interviewer – interviewee relationship.

Unaccountably the media aided and abetted by the tireless zeal of our PC brigade, managed to build this five second joshing into a national disaster and a sexist verbal attack.

Political Correctness, a misleading label if ever there was one, advocates that black boards are no more because they may offend someone who’s skin isn’t white and UK history is taboo because our heritage may embarrass foreigners, just two examples of the insane PC world, which seemed to appear over night.

But venture if you dare, into that which after all is the very essence of Mankind – “oops” should it be “peoplekind” – the world of sexual proclivities and or gender labels and you are in a minefield.

To help us through this minefield, labels like Men, Women, Girls, Boys, along with Sons and Daughters, I’m not sure about aunts or uncles, are to be dropped and replaced with less specific nomenclatures.

Oh! and Easter eggs are to become seasonal confectionary.

Be all that as it may, for heaven’s sake, get off Moyes’s back – managing Sunderland is hard enough.

Denis Gillon