Problem is the stores

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I have no real objections to paying for my carrier bags when I go food shopping.

However, I do object to having to pay a 5p charge when I go clothes shopping.

I understand the need to cut down on the amount of plastics we dispose of and the fact that it is a danger to the environment.

Surely, though, department stores should have come up with an alternative to the plastic bag so that their customers are not faced with the question: “Do you need a bag for this?”

The last thing I want to do is place a new item of clothing in my shopping bag and neither do I want to pay 5p for the priviledge of not doing that.

I know 5p is not a great deal of money, but if I have spent £80 on a new dress, I don’t then expect to have to pay for a bag to put it in, no matter how paltry the sum may be.

I am sure stores can work round this.

Sarah Stephenson