Race to better gardening

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Do you think it would be possible for the council to organise several high profile runs finishing in the town every year?

As this seems to be the only time you actually see the gardeners in action, well moving anyway.

This is the only time of year you see activity – attempting to weed, grass cutting etc – just before the Great North run, or maybe it is just a coincidence.

Of course there would have to be different routes for each run so that all the town could benefit.

Laurel and Hardy would be impressed with the standard of gardening we are paying a lot of money for.

Is there any responsible or trained person who could show these people which plants are weeds, how to remove them, how to cut and strim grass not just bits here and there?

It’s down to lack of council ownership and lower than low standards yet again, what are we paying these people for?

John and Catherine