Residents were asked

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In reply to Mr A W Elstob recent letter, the councillors were involved with the residents and when a number of residents visited us at our ward surgery, I personally drafted a petition for them and delivered copies to their homes, as they wished to petition the residents themselves.

I then contacted residents whom I had dealt with in the past by telephone and there was a mixed response from them.

Some people wanted the Pub to remain and others welcomed the change of use into a mini market.

Under National Planning regulations, the Co-op did not need planning permission to change the pub into a grocery store.

They did, however, need permission for the building extensions and alterations to the exterior of the property.

As I had been involved with the petitioners and having had discussions with residents, under Law, I was required to declare an interest at the Planning Committee and withdraw from the discussion and decision where the committee decided to grant planning approval.

The three West Park Councillors are always willing to work with residents if they have any issues.

Coun Gladys Hobson