Rough world for animals

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HARDLY a day goes by without reading or hearing of another case of pain and suffering inflicted on the animal kingdom – ie the cat shot in the head with an air rifle (Gazette, March 27.

Kennels are nearly at bursting point (Gazette, March 25) pertaining to 80 animals wandering the streets of the North East being taken in to Cleadon Kennels after being kicked out of their homes, no longer wanted.

Also, on television, Countdown Dictionary Corner guest Nicky Campbell related how an African elephant was shot by poachers for its ivory beside her newborn crying for its dead mother.

Not to mention in early March ministers rejected the call to ban the religious slaughter of animals despite a petition signed by more than 100,000 campaigners, the RSPCA saying the practice can cause significant pain and distress to animals.

Then there was David Cameron who has pledged to let MPs vote to repeal the ban on fox hunting if he wins the next election.

Then again, I’ve read in 2013 there was an estimate of a million scientific experiments on animals in the UK, including blasting monkeys in tiny cages with loud music!

One thinks God tucked away in his heaven must have had an exceedingly bad day at the office when it’s alleged he created mankind!

Ken Johnson,

Mowbray Road,

South Shields.