Rubbish way to carry on

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I recently rang the council to let them know one of several grey refuse bags that had been left outside Mowbray Road Park, apparently for collection had somehow burst open and rubbish was strewn all over Mowbray Road.

I was thanked for reporting it and it was all cleaned up and taken away a couple of hours later.

I thought no more about it until I got a phone call from someone saying sorry I had been inconvenienced.

Again, I thought no more about it until the next morning when I received a formal letter from the Customer Service Team at South Tyneside Homes, Viking Business Park in Jarrow, acknowledging a complaint had been received, which had been logged and given a reference number. It also said an officer had been given 10 working days to complete an investigation into the matter and if I wasn’t completely satisfied with the explanation I had to ring the housing service centre where the complaint would be further investigated under stage 2.

Again ,while out the other week with the border collie in the said park, I picked up a bag of rubbish and on seeing a couple of guys clearing copuous amounts of litter from the kiddies playground section, I offered them the bag.

They politely refused to take this bag as it hadn’t been in their remit. Sometimes it feels that you just can’t win.

Ken Johnson