Rules should not be needed

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So council bosses have introduced new measures to help protect the most vulnerable in our community from becoming hooked on gambling.

Well, I am not sure asking gambling establishments new, old or otherwise, to submit a risk assessment is really going to make that big a difference to someone who is addicted to gambling.

I am sure too that most betting shops are not really that bothered where its clients are getting their money from or how much they are spending and even less so what affect that is having on their lives.

At the end of the day they are a business like any other and boosting trade is what helps them to survive.

Gambling addiction is like any other addiction – drinking, smoking, drug taking or even for that matter eating too much.

Surely, making sure these places don’t open close to places like schools is common sense and not in need of ‘new rules’. The council has the final say any way and should be aware of all this before agreeing to a new shop.

Alcohol campaigns do not seem to have made any great impact, judging by the binge drinking that goes on.

Name withheld