Rules there for a reason

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AS people know, I have been a dementia campaigner for a number of years now and I was concerned to read the inquest into the death of an elderly man in a bath at a South Tyneside care home in 2011.

I totally agree with the family of this poor great-grandfather, that to have died alone, in a place where he should have been cared for and safe is really devastating.

I also feel that when rules and regulations are made concerning the running and operation of residential homes, there should be legally-bound directives to ensure that, for example, in this case, residents are not left alone in a bathroom for two hours.

In addition, if the home staff had followed simple rules and even basic care practices, they should have had the resident looked at by a doctor the previous evening when he complained of chest pains.

Had they done this, he may well have been still alive.

Quality care means having people trained at all levels, including management, so that they know what to do for their residents, and to ensure that they put their needs at the forefront of the care.

Joe Grant,

Gosforth Avenue,


South Shields.