Sackings seem unfair to me

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SO was it really necessary for South Tyneside Council to sack two bin operatives and demote a third (Gazette, March 31) after an internal probe over allegations of drinking of alcohol, when it’s believed the driver hadn’t been drinking and there were no related driving offences?

Surely a good ticking off would have sufficed – after all, it was December 27 for heaven’s sake!

And was it also necessary for South Tyneside Council together with Sunderland City Council that they allegedly told staff not to call freelance dog walker Lisa Scott to pick up strays in South Tyneside over some private comments the lass had made on a Facebook page (also Gazette, March 31)? Surely animal welfare should come before a human’s hurt feelings!

Personally, I hope the council binmen win their appeal and the freelance dog walker snub is lifted forthwith.

Ken Johnson,

Mowbray Road,

South Shields.