Sadly, people will always misbehave

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IN response to Syd Johnson’s letter (Tuesday, May 5) on the misuse of disabled bays.

A few years ago I saw a mother and child park in a disabled bay, clearly nothing wrong with either of them, but a blue badge on the dashboard.

When I approached the car with phone in hand ready to take a photo of the car, the mother asked what I was doing.

So I explained to her exactly what I was going to do.

After receiving a mouthful of abuse from her, she got back in her car with child and drove off!! 

I then went about my business, and on returning to my car in the same location there it was.

A works van parked in the disabled bay and no sign of any workers.

Yes, I took a photo of it and sent a copy to the council and one to the works firm.

Nothing materialised from it!

This abuse of disabled parking bays has been going on for years and will continue to do so.

The same as people driving whilst using a mobile phone!

You can have all the rules, laws and restrictions in the world, but, if there isn’t anyone to enforce them then they are worthless.

Like children in a classroom, as soon as the teacher leaves the room for a minute, there will be some in class that will misbehave.

The sad thing is that these ignorant, arrogant people think they’re doing nothing wrong.

So I’m afraid Syd is ‘peeing against the proverbial wind.

Mr A Capeling,

South Shields.