Safety fears over Joe McElderry and Collabro concert

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Billy Ocean attracted more than 24,000 people – the gates had to be closed.

Just imagine the demand there will be for the August 2 concert by Joe McElderry and Collabro.

Each star has a countrywide following of thousands, and all will want to be there on Sunday for what will be a cracking concert.

Then there are the home fans of Joe and Collabro, many thousands of us too.

The gates open at 1pm, by then the queue will be in the 10,000s, all waiting impatiently for the gates to open.

The race to bag a good spot will be worse than the morning towel race in a two-star, all inclusive resort.

The risk of disorder and perhaps even violence has to be high, with the daft lads pushing in at the last minute after a few early beers.

There will also be the scenario of one group member being sent down early to keep places for 10 left in the queue.

By my reckoning, if 50 people take up 10 metres of pavement, 10,000 will be more than a mile long.

If the capacity crowd of 25,000 arrives before the gates open, then the queue will close to three miles long – that’s up to Marsden, or wrapped round the park at least twice.

The council has proved inflexible in the past regarding the 1pm start, so it will be up to the police to step in and keep order at the gates.

It would be sensible to open the gates at 8am, then the early birds get the best spot, sensible and fair.

Once inside it will be peaceful, a great day, but the possibility for trouble in the queue has to be a real consideration by the authorities.

Colin Campbell,