Seeing the funny side with the benefit of hindsight

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I was quite impressed by Lucy Wilkinson’s story in Monday’s Gazette, focusing on how quickly she’d recovered from Idiopathic scoliosis and returned to stage. Well done, Lucy.

I write this because I also was diagnosed as a scoliosis sufferer back in 1988, and had the same operation myself (though 27 years back in time) and I wondered if they still use the Stryker bed as preferred post-op recovery?

Oh, what a barrel of fun that was for a 13-year-old lad. 

Watch any medical TV show, and they’ll tell you that moving a spinal patient as little as possible is vital.

So, rather than manually help patients to turn over, when I had my op the Stryker bed would allow the team to attach another platform to my back or front, secure it, and roll me over through 180 degrees with minimal movement on my spine.

While this bed was a lifesaver, looking back, you can imagine the fun of going through that for a week, not to mention sucking every meal through a straw.

These trips down memory lane are always a chuckle.

Stu Holt,


South Shields.