Sexism works both ways

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So Tessa Jowell is planning a crackdown on ‘sexist’ adverts as part of her London mayoral campaign?

She says she wants to “help women have the body confidence to focus on their talents rather than their tummies”.

So it’s just about women then? What about the Diet Coke advert where a group of women leer at and drool over a six-pack-wielding gardener?

As an average man that doesn’t make me feel very good about myself, and I can only imagine the uproar that would result if the roles were reversed in the ad.

Or what about the countless adverts where men are portrayed as idiot man-children who can’t do anything for themselves?

Oh yes, there are plenty of sexist adverts out there, but I doubt Ms Jowell will be doing anything about them because the victims are men.

Dennis Wade,

Via email