Shame on the dog walkers

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I was born, raised and lived In South Shields for 37 years but moved to Hull in 2005.

On a recent visit to my family, My husband and I took our dog to Souter Lighthouse and decided to go for a walk around the nature reserve.

We were mortified to say the least, as we walked through the main gate and headed down to the other car park, we noticed that on the beautiful, green grass boundaries there were piles and piles of dog faeces. I used up practically all my dog bags picking up other dogs’ poop.

The annoying thing is there are dog bins provided and plenty of them too so there’s no excuse not to clean up.

I couldn’t believe how people who like walking their dogs could be so irresponsible. This fantastic nature reserve we all benefit from, an attraction which is a treat to the eye, where children and families can spend endless hours enjoying a beautiful place, is being spoilt by thoughtless individuals.

I was ashamed of these dog owners.

It makes my blood boil to think that the irresponsible attitude of these few ignorant owners are getting away with using this area as a dog toilet.

No doubt a dog ban will eventually be imposed, thus, punishing those very responsible dog owners like myself.

Children play there, they could pick up a worm from these faeces which can cause blindness. Not only this, but its not a nice thing to roll a ball into, or have picnic next to. And certainly not a nice thing to come home with on your shoe. Are we now in fear of a bad name for South Shields and becoming known as the coastline of dog poo?

Jeannette (Jen) Walker