Share your stories

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On behalf of Arthritis Research UK, I would like to thank everyone who shared their stories of living with arthritis with us during National Arthritis Week (October 12 to 18), and urge people who haven’t already done so, that it’s not too late.

I’m a trustee of Arthritis Research UK and have rheumatoid arthritis, so I understand what it’s like to live with a painful, ‘invisible’ condition.

Arthritis affects more than 10million people in the UK, across all ages, with excruciating daily pain. It’s sometimes hard for other people to understand the pain and the impact it can have on your day to day life – even simple things like making a cup of tea or going to the shops can feel like a mission.

Our new ‘Share your Day, Shape our Future’ campaign is asking people to share their day-to-day experiences of arthritis, to guide the pain research funded by Arthritis Research UK in 2016.

If you’re affected, we need you to tell us how joint pain and arthritis impacts your day, the challenges you face and the triumphs you experience, no matter how small they may be.

Stories need to be submitted on the special campaign website You can also read other people’s experiences and access expert patient information about managing arthritis and joint pain.

So I urge people to act now by sharing their story to shape a future free from the pain of arthritis.

Sylvie Jackson,

Arthritis Research UK