Shields Gazette Letter of the week: Do our politicians have 'bottle' to return returnable scheme?

Will a returnable bottle scheme return?
Will a returnable bottle scheme return?

What a great idea to introduce a bottle return system.

But I wonder where these politicians have been all their lives.

The vast majority of them are certainly old enough to remember the old system so what’s taken them so long to think of this "new" system.

I know times have changed but surely it should not have taken this long.

And how come other countries have been doing this for a while and managed quite well.

With all these technically savvy young people around, I am sure one of them can come up with a way getting this off the ground.

When I was at university we use to save up all our bottles and return them in bulk. The cash then came handy for the end of year parties.

As youngsters you loved being told to take the bottles back because you could you the cash for a mix up.

I cannot understand why the bottle return system was ever stopped.

Eddie Robinson.

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