Silence over NHS switch

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LOCAL people, including the Jarrow MP Stephen Hepburn, have been vocal this year about a proposed shift of resources from the Jarrow Walk-In Centre to a new care “hub” facility at South Tyneside Hospital.

This issue will no doubt be getting mentioned at doorstep visits around Jarrow, in the lead-up to the General Election.

Yet this issue has really only been about a re-arrangement of the distribution of existing care within the local NHS.

It seems odd, therefore, that no one has been saying anything about the recent privatisations which have taken place within local general practice.

As from April 1, 2015, the NHS Glen practice in Hebburn, plus the NHS St George and NHS Riverside practices in South Shields, have all been handed over to be run by a private provider, for reasons that aren’t made clear to the patients of these practices.

These quiet handovers didn’t even seem to catch the eye of the local news media.  

Surely these new privatisations are the most important local NHS changes that should be attracting the attention of the public.

A patient and voter,

Name and address withheld.