Smart way to cruelty free

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National Campaign group Animal Aid has launched an innovative smartphone app that allows people to check whether medical charities fund animal experiments.

The Cruelty-Free Giving app is free to download and features a searchable database of nearly 300 medical charities.

This new initiative forms part of Animal Aid’s campaign to end the funding of vivisection by medical research charities.

Experiments exposed by the campaign include dogs being deliberately given heart attacks, and mice being poisoned for about six months with an industrial chemical.

The Cruelty-Free giving app empowers the public to ensure that they are supporting only progressive, non-animal research, which is relevant to people.

The free app can be downloaded from Google Play or iTunes by searching for Cruelty-Free Giving.

You can also request a free wallet-sized guide to charities’ policies on vivisection by emailing or phoning 01732 364 546 ext. 233.

Isobel Hutchinson,

Animal Aid campaigner.