Soft Brexit is best option

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A recent article in The Observer stated that “Nissan car workers in Sunderland should have been warned by Leave campaigners that we “may be able to deliver the immigration controls you want if we leave the single market but there is a risk you will lose your jobs if we do”.

The article, goes on to state that “no government minister” has “gone to car workers in Sunderland and warned them how the differences between a hard and soft Brexit could ruin their lives”.

These warnings come on top of those of Japanese spokesmen about Japanese investment in Britain.

Sunderland was the first place in the country to declare that more people had voted ‘Leave’.

Its people should now be demanding, if not a reversal, at least a ‘soft Brexit’ in order to keep easy access to the single market and, thereby protect those vital jobs.

The alternative is unthinkable.

Gillian Telford,

via email