Standards of caring must improve

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IT was heartbreaking and depressing to read of the failings at Danesfield Supported Living Service as reported in the Gazette on January 9.

However,these findings are not limited only to this establishment alone.

I personally, have visited three or four of these facilities over the past few years,as a visitor, and I am surprised these type of findings are not publicised more frequently.  

The standard of so-called “carers” are appalling, and it’s obvious that the depth of training is inadequate in the handling-understanding-coping with these poor individuals who have learning disabilities/mental health problems/physical disabilities, etc. etc.

I have witnessed so called “carers” shout and scream at residents because they didn’t do as instructed, instead of reasoning and trying to understand them, which if adequately trained, would be done without thought.

I realise that it can be a difficult job, these units should be staffed by fully-trained and adequate staff and management, to help these vulnerable people find a little peace and tranquility in their lives.

I hasten to add these criticisms do not apply to all carers, as there are individuals who genuinely do this job for the best reasons - the care and welfare of these vulnerable people, but they are few and far between.

I suggest that the Quality Care Commission increases these audits on all units, on a more frequent basis.

Caring Citizen