Stock answer is no answer

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I read with great interest Councillor Ed Malcolm’s letter (October 21) and it was a very predictable response to queries by Baldry/Wilkinson regarding “where does the money go”.

The reason I say predictable, is that its a stock answer from anyone in office, being asked a telling question on how finance is being utilized.

We are all aware of the cuts being administered by the Government and have to accept that, we are not stupid,but as for Ed Malcolm saying South Tyneside Council has been on a difficult journey over the past six years...

What about the people who lost their jobs or are having to fork out more money they can afford for basic services such as bin collection or general cleaning of the town?

Yet he doesn’t seem to realise that the question asked by the aforementioned gentlemen, was if the services we are now getting are being reduced,why is it possible to install new windows in the Town Hall?

Why give all councillors a 1% increase in salary; why not reduce councillors to two per ward or even one; propose the building of office accommodation or retail outlets on Riddicks old site in Fowler Street? The list is endless.

These points may bring a response, that they are minimal savings,but when your creating your argument, all savings are critical, and you cannot keep falling back on the old cliched argument, that you’re doing your best for the town, while spending money on projects that are not as urgent as the people’s needs.

Jack Wiffin