Stop parking on pavement

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Since when has it been acceptable and overlooked by parking officials and officialdom, to park cars on a pavement?

The definition of pavement, according to the Oxford dictionary, is “a raised paved or asphalted section for pedestrians at the side of a road”.

Not only is this detrimental and hazardous to pedestrians, pram users and wheelchairs, it causes untold damage to the pavement as it wasn’t put there for the use of cars – that is what a road is for.

Some offenders are blue badge holders, who I have great sympathy for, but the badge is not a license to ignore the law.

Consequently, drivers who don’t have a blue badge are also ignoring this fact as it appears to be the norm to them.

The pavements on our streets are hazardous enough without impacting on it and creating more expense to repair them.

If our traffic wardens are so keen on vigorously attacking motorists, I suggest they employ this in their work remit.

Jack Wiffin