Stranglehold of Labour

Readers' Letters
Readers' Letters

AT last I believe that some of Labour’s languid supporters in South Tyneside are beginning to wake up to the smug council we have been burdened with for too many years,who operate a stranglehold on our area and push through any of their whims that they wish.

Look what happened to Coun Gibson when he dared to disagree. The people are starting to see through the undemocratic running of our area.

I believe it’s because some of the press and media are publishing articles that we never got to know about in the past and also in these years of austerity, people are becoming more aware of where and how the money is being spent.

Did we really need a new swimming pool in these times? Do we really need a new library at this time?

Is a cinema really needed as we have a cinema, albeit small, at Mill Dam? I could go on and on but the message and questions are all similar. But I believe the time is coming.

This criticism isn’t just levelled at the local council but also at the Labour Party itself as our councils are just minions doing as they are told.

The Labour Party is in the same boat as it is being exposed as the lapdog of the unions, just as the Tories are lapdogs of big business.

But Labour don’t even trust us, the people of the country, to decide whether we, through a referendum, want to keep on paying vast amounts of monies to the EU, which hasn’t had a single financial policy signed off in 20 years as there are monumental loopholes in its accounts. Yet we are told by Miliband that we must continue to support this shambles.

So work it out, people, Labour has done us no favours, locally or countrywide.

Jack Wiffin,

By e-mail.