Sweep away dead wood

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It’s a joy to see the Blairite gang warning that the Labour Party is about to destroy itself.

Every time Kinnock, Blair and now Alistair Campbell attacks Jeremy Corbyn his support increases. Funny that.

These careerists have done very well out of the Labour movement.

Kinnock warns about Corbyn losing in 2020. This is the millionaire who lost us two elections, who betrayed the miners and expelled socialists from the Party. Oh, and got a knighthood for his efforts. Another outburst from Kinnock and Jeremy will be well past the post.

We’ve even had ultra-right wingers (surely a prefix that should be given to non-socialists inside the Labour Party given Corbyn is always prefixed with “hard-left”) wanting to call the election off because they were losing.

Remember, this method of electing the leader was designed to stop a socialist from standing in the first place as the Parliamentary Labour Party (an ultra-right party within the party) had to nominate the candidates. Corbyn got elected to stand only due to grass roots pressure on MPs.

The latest YouGov survey put Corbyn well ahead to win. This is causing consternation in the ruling class as the Labour Party hierarchy and lackeys on councils have been their obedient lapdogs since the Kinnock, Blair and Miliband days.

No one is infiltrating the Labour Party to vote for Corbyn. There is a genuine desire to fight austerity.

Post-war capitalism depended on a veneer of social mobility. Young people don’t have a chance. Even graduates are in huge debt with little decent employment and no houses. The upshot is working class youth today have no stake in capitalist society.

Put them in a corner and they will fight back. We don’t want rioting. Their protest has to be channeled constructively. That’s why young people are flocking to Corbyn – because he offers real policies, and hope; the chance of a better future.

By joining Labour and becoming active, these youngsters will sweep aside the current dead wood that infests the party.

Those Labour councilors and MPs with principles, who voted against savage cuts, need not worry, though.

Ed Waugh