Takes too long to pay

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In response to the correspondent wondering why motorcyclists don’t pay a fee at the tunnel toll booths, it is very simple – time.

Selfish car drivers should realise how awkward it is for those on two wheels to undo velcro straps and draw cords on their gloves before removing them, then pull on a zip to open a pocket on their leathers, finally fumbling for coins to hand to the tollbooth operator.

Then there’s the repeat performance in reverse with possibly some change to add even more time to compound the awkwardness. Add on the likely delay of having to dismount the bike to retrieve dropped change due to wet fingers and you’ve got the ideal scenario for a verbal confrontation by impatient, inconsiderate drivers.

Prior to buying my first car, actually a Morris Minor van, in 1970, I rode Lambrettas from South Shields to work in Longbenton, Newcastle.

In those days two-wheeled vehicles incurred a one shilling (5p) toll to use the Tyne Tunnel, which was a real inconvenience, to put it mildly, in bad weather.

So I know what I’m talking about.

Is this what you want if you get your way? Because that’s what’ll happen!

Derek Moulding