Test letter was not correct

Rabbits being used for testing in a laboratory.
Rabbits being used for testing in a laboratory.

The letter from Understanding Animal Research (Test list is not correct, July 6) is simply an attempt from a pro-vivisection lobby group to sabotage a campaign for human-relevant, non-animal research.

Our pocket guide to charities and accompanying smartphone app are not restricted to charities that fund research, but include organisations that provide support and information for patients.

However, many charities that we encourage people to support are directly involved in funding medical research.  

Examples include Anthony Nolan, Breast Cancer UK and Cancer Research Wales.

Mr Magee claims that 97 per cent of charities would fund animal research if they considered it necessary.

The source of this statistic is not clear, but these reported findings are out of step with the public’s wishes, since an NOP poll commissioned by Animal Aid revealed that more than 80 per cent of respondents would not donate to charities that fund animal experiments.

Isobel Hutchinson,

Animal Aid.