Thanks for voting for me

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I’ll do best my for the ward

I would like to sincerely thank the voters of West Park ward who put their faith in me and elected me as their local councillor on May 7.

 I look forward to working with my fellow councillors, Hobson and Dick, to make the West Park ward a good place to live. I pledge to do the best I can to speak up for the people of the ward and represent their interests in the council chamber.

 Thank you,

Coun Anne Hetherington.

Can you help over pub?

From 1855 to 1865, my great-great-grandfather Henry Aynsley was owner of the North Shields pub known as Uncle Tom’s Cabin (demolished in the 1960s).

 The pub was originally called The Railway Tavern, but Henry changed it to Uncle Tom’s Vaults, then, in 1861, to Uncle Tom’s Cabin.

 Henry Aynsley was a colourful character, he went bankrupt twice, and eventually in 1865 died aged 44 years, of “liver disease and paralysis”. I suspect he drank much of his profits.

 What I’m wondering is, does anyone possess any pieces of memorabilia from that pub that perhaps I could purchase if the price was reasonable, or at least have details or photographs? I know for instance that a silver half-pint tankard inscribed Uncle Tom’s Cabin, North Shields, was bought in a car boot sale in 2013. Where is it now?

Jane Stock.

6 Graham Crescent,




01674 673 494

Rodwell’s fitness fight

JR has been a disappointment. I’m amazed at how such a big lad can find it so easy to disappear on the pitch. But anyone who saw him as he was coming through at Everton will know that the lad has great potential and just why Man C paid so much for him.

 I just think he is suffering from the hangover of his time out at Man C. Then coming here into an underperforming side. With that and the time he has had for injury since he has been with us has not helped. With his background, in any other side he would probably have been eased in gently. But with our plight, and not least the money paid, that was never a realistic option.

 I do remember Gus recognised the problem and did rest him, saying that we needed to be careful with JR.

 There is a mile of difference between physical fitness and match fitness, which includes mental fitness. This has been JR’s biggest problem. I believe he has the ability to get his career on track.

 He needs a good run of games to get that sharpness back and it always helps if the team is playing well and with confidence.

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