The irony of Ed Miliband’s ‘headstone’

Ed Miliband.
Ed Miliband.

DON’T like to kick a man when he’s down but the 8ft 6ins headstone inscribed with Ed Miliband’s six election pledges, that was destined for the Downing Street rose garden, (though it might not have been Ed’s idea to recreate himself as Moses with his 10 commandments) after a high-profile unveiling in Hastings a few days before Labour lost the general election, now lies at rest somewhere in a warehouse on a South London industrial estate.

London Lord Mayor Boris Johnson dubbed it ‘The heaviest suicide note in history,’ while the boss of the stonemason who carved the ‘Edstone’ monolith is no Labour supporter, but a true blue Tory!

Ken Johnson,

Mowbray Road,

South Shields.