The land army girls

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The land army girls were a jolly band, they came forward and volunteered to work out on the land, when the British Isles was in its hours of need, the land army girls were there to help to feed and keep them free.

They came from all over the British Isles and from all different walks of like, they were up at the crack of dawn to herd and milk the cows, to plough the fields and sow the corn, these girls were proud.

No job was too big or small these girls done them all, feeding the chickens, pigs and ducks, the sheep the horses and cows.

Cleaning out the cow sheds, mowing the grass and reaping the corn, they did it with great pride.

They would help to pick the fruit from off the trees and lift the potatoes from the ground, smartly dressed in their uniforms, when they went into town.

They wore a badge with a sheaf of corn and displayed with great pride.

This jolly band of land army girls, who worked together side by side, to help to feed the British Isles, they did it with great pride.

Wilf Matthews,