The plans are too ambitious

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I still think that the council and its planners were lacking wisdom regarding phases two and three of the council’s 365 plan, which will provide a new transport interchange and retail leisure development to the town centre.

It is an unnecessary over-ambitious plan. If they had understood the simple concept of ‘work with what you’ve got’, the railway station in Mile End Road could have been brought back to life and a two-tier indoor market could have been built on the footprint of the much-maligned Wouldhave House, thus saving all the disruption of the town.

Anyway, we don’t need more retail units when King Street is dying on its feet, and who wants a cinema when we have one in Boldon and another at the Customs House.

Furthermore, if anyone thinks the cockeyed canopy on the Market Square might eventually turn out to be an asset to the town then, surely, they are living in cloud cuckoo land.

Ken Johnson