The shame of the Lords

House of Lords
House of Lords

How we have degenerated as a respected society worldwide is unbelievable.

The scandal of the MPs’ expenses was a shameful exercise exposing their greedy, grubby habits, unbefitting an elected member of the House of Commons. It drew gasps of disapproval from the very people who elected them, but to no avail as the situation regarding expenses is worse than ever, even after a 10%pay increase.

This brings me to an even worse bunch the non-elected Lords, who sit in their ermine capes many of them snooze or sign in and then go back home, costing us –the taxpayer – the sum of £300 per day per person just for showing up.

The case of Lord Sewel is a perfect example of someone quite happily taking the money and allegedly blowing it on hookers and drugs, which is not befitting a lord of the realm.

This overfilled and overrated house has been a joke for a long but none more so than today.

There are even convicted criminals among their midst not to mention.

Each Parliament does basically the same by granting titles to its benefactors or for services rendered.

Now we have a proposed title to a lady who makes bras.

You couldn’t make it up?

Jack Wiffin

Why take away swings?

Why is it that when a play park is built with swings, assault course etc that the next time you go to the park it has all been taken down.

 For example, I sometimes take grandchildren to Cleadon park play area behind the church. It was really good for the children. They had a swing for older children, an little assault course where you had to climb over tyres and a sort of roundabout that you had to hold onto, but now it’s all gone.

 Is this health and safety gone mad or can the council not be bothered to look after these parks?

 If so why build these parks in the first place?

 It’s so frustrating, especially in the holidays, people haven’t got money and they want to do something that costs nothing.

 The council has even removed a swing at Temple Park.

 Let’s wait and see if that gets replaced.

Name withheld

Thanks for great time

We would just like to say many, many thanks to the staff at the Clifton Cafe-Bistro in Ocean Road for a wonderful lunch we had.

 We just couldn’t find any faults with the very high standard of food, the service, the decor and how spick and span the place was. A thoroughly enjoyable place to go to.

 We will be planning more visits in the future.

 Once again thanks to your all.

Patrick Cain Friends,

South Shields