The shrinking products rip-off trick

In his claims, Alan Vincet, was absolutely right that corporations have constantly ripped off the public over the years by reducing the size of their products, but not reducing the price.

 As a kid I can remember a Mars bar use to be the size of a house brick, now it’s not much bigger than a match box.

 I also remember as a kid at school, debating with the teacher how we were getting cheated with the introduction of decimalisation.

 After her explaining everything is going to be so much easier now as its all in tens not twelves, and what cost a pound then is still a pound now blah blah.

 So I said what about the penny bubbly that we buy in the shop? She explained that they will be half penny bubblies now, I said how many bubblies would I get for a pound, to which she replied 200.

 Yes, but before decimalisation I would have got 240.

 Like her many, many, others even now they just don’t get it.

Ged Taylor,

via email

Changes are needed

I quite agree with Jean Laird’s comments about the lethal corned beef tins.

They are not easy to open and that’s assuming the key doesn’t snap in the first place

It is about time manufacturers invested in new packaging for this product. Other products have.

M Miles,

Via email

Road changes are disaster

I wonder who drew up the design of Ocean Road’s so-called improvements, as I cannot see what improvements have been made in view of the cost and traffic delays encountered.

 The south side pavements where all the restaurants are located has been narrowed, to the concern of all businesses, and the north side pavement has been excessively widened, for what reason I cannot fathom.

 Also on the north side they have created a “herring bone”parking facility, which requires parking in a diagonal pattern. However, when the time comes to reverse out it is impossible to see what is coming until 50% of the car is protruding out, which in my opinion is rather dangerous and ill thought out.

 The width of the road, however, remains basically the same, to encounter heavy traffic such as buses and cars.

 Were our traffic planners trained at Lego.?

Jack Wiffin

Via email


Rise will lead to lost jobs

The proposal to raise taxi fares must be a joke.

 We do not need a fare rise. We need more jobs not less which a fare rise would lean towards.