There’s little festive cheer

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Mrs Snow White has seven small children, all of them smart boys;

Callous Tory cuts means Santa won’t be able to bring them any toys!

When the boys sing Christmas carols their voices are a treat.

Mrs Snow White should be counting her blessing, yet she’s so downbeat.

She can’t afford a Christmas tree and is worried what the neighbours will think!

The truth is there’s no money left to heat water for dirty dishes in the kitchen sink.

So she will have a miserable Christmas in her cold council house.

The Scrooge Tories have left her poorer than the proverbial church mouse.

No change for the rich or Tory politicians who will still get fat;

Feeding on caviar and turkey and giving the leftovers to the number 10 cat – while considering taking money from the blind man’s hat!

They pick on the sick and weak and never go to seek recompense from the tax dodging rich.

Food banks queues are growing and Tory mismanagement is now showing. They have driven the UK economy into a ditch!

W Quinn