There’s still no love for Thatcher

Margaret Thatcher
Margaret Thatcher

The letter by Craig Robinson on July 7 was so nice - it cheered me up no end.

He was obviously reading his Daily Mail through his blue-tinted glasses when he was composing his letter.

First, the issue over Northen Ireland has not been put to bed.

Thatcher seemed to go out of her way to keep the conflict going, with a lot of innocent people losing their lives in the process.

It was the Labour Party and Mo Mowlam who helped the peace process begin.

The democratically-elected Republicans always said the ultimate aim was for a United Ireland, but in a more peaceful and democratic way.

That doesn’t mean all Republicans feel the same way, and if you check the recent news, you can see the conflict still goes on.

Second, the issue over the hatred the majority of people still have towards Thatcher.  

It’s not just the people of the North East who hate Thatcher, the hatred towards her is spread all over the world.

Her support for General Pinochet, whose army overthrew a democratically-elected government in Chile, didn’t go down too well.

Also, calling one of the greatest men of our generation, Nelson Mandela, a terrorist and her support for the apartheid in South Africa, again didn’t go down well.  

Also, the war she could have prevented in the Falklands costing over 1,000 lives never went down too well with the majority around the world.

Thatcher’s supporters called her a strong leader, but I’m afraid her support for dictatorships around the world and her blinkered hatred towards the unions and decent, hard-working people is not a strength, but showed she was lacking in empathy, and understanding.

She also possessed ignorance by the bucket load.

Ged Taylor,

via email.