This is not Britain

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I see the manly racists are pasting offensive stickers in South Shields and elsewhere.

These groups inevitably end up in-fighting as everyone wants to be Fuehrer.

Such ‘heroic’ and ‘patriotic’ individuals are afraid to give their names to the media as witnessed by ‘Gazette’ reporters.

What and who are they afraid of?

This country has a long and enviable reputation of welcoming refugees, people who have added immeasurably to the cultural life of Britain.

The Union Flag wavers do no honour to that standard – they demean it.

Should they ever manage to visit the Menin Gate in Ypres they would do well to study the many names – Jewish, African, Caribbean, Chinese, Hindu and Muslim – carved upon it. And these are just the ones whose bodies were never found.

Like internet trolls they sit stewing in their criminal hate. Nothing positive, everything negative.

They are a disgrace and not in the least representative of Britain.

Bob Stothard