Tories led to loss of power

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In his recent letter, Gary claimed Labour was responsible for undermining our democracy by giving away many of our rights to the European Union.

However, his words appear to have no value when you compare them to European history.

It reveals that consecutive Conservative Governments were the principle reason why Britain lost its sovereignty.

The nation’s political power to govern itself diminished the minute Tory Prime Minister Edward Heath proudly marched Britain into Europe in 1973.

Before we joined, the organisation was called the European Economic Community.

It was strictly an economic body that encouraged trade between members and set tariffs on imports from outside.

Things changed, however, in 1957 when the EEC members signed an article titled The Treaty of Rome.

The Treaty contained a clause which allowed for political union. During the interim years before Britain joined, the EEC implemented the clause in full.

They established their own system of law, which was integrated into the legal structure of member states and applied to their courts.

Consequently, when we enrolled, the House of Commons had to accept 43 volumes of legislation and 3,000 regulations, which had been agreed to before we joined.

On top of all that, Mrs Thatcher came along and scored another own goal by initiating one of the EU’s most positive achievements – the Single European Act.

This gave force to the single market and opened up our borders to all comers, without negotiating any safeguards.

Under these circumstances the following Labour Government had no alternative but to try to strengthen and protect British interests by integrating further with Europe.

W Quinn