Town has been destroy

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It is with incredulous belief that I read that the council is considering the closure of a number of public conveniences in South Shields.

This is the same council that says it will bring back visitors to the town, you couldn’t make it up.

They say that the closure of these facilities is to save money due to the reduction of funding, yet the same people have just awarded themselves a 1% pay rise.

Maybe the plan is to let some councillors man these conveniences to earn their pay rise – but , I bet, they would probably object and say its inconvenient.

Where do councillors expect people visiting the town to go, when there isn’t a convenience nearby?

Are they expecting bars and cafes to allow their facilities to be used?

The people that vote this lot in must be disillusioned, because this Labour Party has destroyed South Shields beyond repair with its crackpot schemes.

Jack Wiffin